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Broadband options in Weston on Trent

The subject of broadband is one that crops up frequently, particularly when people are moving into the village or considering their choices for a new service. The below info has been put together to help you understand the options.

Connection types explained (taken from BT Openreach site):

Two of these options are available in Weston on Trent.

  1. Standard Broadband (ADSL)
  2. Fibre to the property

Fibre to the cabinet was never made an option as we skipped this technology whilst waiting for BT to invest in the infrastructure. The two options are described in more detail below.

  • Standard Broadband (ADSL) - The regular option, using a standard telephone line

This is the service most people are familiar with and in many parts of the country is often the fastest available. It involves using the copper wire phone line that your property is connected to (usually to a green box somewhere nearby). Be aware that in Weston, the infrastructure is poor as the investment has gone into the fibre to the property infrastructure (i.e. no FTTC option), so speeds are quite low. Many providers offer this type of service, some examples can be found at the link below. remember to check your postcode using the tools on your chosen provider to identify the service and speed they can offer you


  • 'Fibre to the Property' Broadband – The premium option using fibre optic cables offering incredible speed and reliability

This service uses a continuous strand of fibre optic that connects your router directly to the infrastructure, with no copper wires involved anywhere. The line is capable of up to 300MBps with superfast upload speeds available too. Naturally it is a little more expensive than the standard option but can still be combined with landline phone services and call packages. Providers of this service are more limited and you will likely have to pay an installation or setup fee if your property doesn't already have the fibre installed.

Details of current providers can be found using the link below. BT and Zen are popular choices – remember to check your postcode using the tools on your chosen provider to make sure you can receive their service.


  • Big Blue Rocket - You may hear of a service referred to by this name that for a while was the only hi speed option for Weston on Trent. This service is now no longer available
  • Other hi-speed networks such as Virgin

Please note that none of these alternative services are available as none of the required infrastructure has been extended to the village. Some of these providers can still offer a service over a standard telephone line (see first option above)