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  • synonymous with the village of Weston on Trent, many people from the surrounding area are familiar with the Coopers Arms and it's fabulous setting

  • St. Mary's Church, dating from the 12th century, enjoys a picturesque location on the outskirts of the village on a small rise overlooking the Trent Valley.

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Derbyshire Fun Day

Derbyshire Fun Day

Posted: Wed, 06 Sep 2023 07:51 by Robin Than

Derbyshire Fun Day. 23rd September 2023. 1000am - 4pm. St Mary's Church Weston on Trent

Minutes July 2023

Posted: Thu, 17 Aug 2023 08:44 by Robin Than


Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held in the Village Hall on Monday 17th July 2023

Present; Cllrs Green, Mrs Freeman, Than, Neville and County Cllr Neil Atkin

There w 1 member of the public present.

County Cllrs report; Cllr Atkin reported that the proposed meeting with Highways England is still ongoing. He asked Cllr Green to send a list of the finger posts needed as he is now in contact with the officer dealing with this. More »

Road issues – Richard Hanbury from DCC will come out to the village to look at the exiting issues from The Avenue and school parking, a date is to be arranged. He will follow up the highway repairs on Main Street which have been there for some time but with no activity.

He attended the gravel liaison meeting which Cllr Green was unable to attend as when he arrived the gates were locked. The next meeting will be in September which will include a site tour. The infill is progressing well with pulverised flyash being used.

The restrictions put in place for covid by DCC have now been removed.

Cllr Mrs Freeman asked if there was any update on Elvaston Castle, Cllr Atkin informed the meeting that it is delayed due to SDDC refusing listed building consent.

The new bus service is running providing more buses daily with 2 routes either the existing route through Alvaston or through Barrow , Chellaston and Allenton. It is still not known how long the trial period will be.

The full Council met last week and approved the County Boundary review consultation for South Derbyshire.

1.Apologies- Cllrs Harper and Steadman and District Cllrs Peter Watson and Dan Corbin

2. Cllr Declaration of Interests – none recieved


3. Minutes of the previous meeting, having been previously circulated the minutes were deemed to have been read and were agreed as a true record of the meeting held on June 19th 2023

4. Matters arising

Co-option to fill Councillor vacancy – the vacancy is being advertised and one candidate has come forward, he will attend the August meeting and talk to the Councillors.

Bus service – the new service is running and is being used.

Gate on Under Eights play area – Cllr Neville is looking into this, there is a problem with the spring which closes the gate.

Roads meeting, Cllr Atkin will circulate two proposed dates.

Plaque for Mrs Avril Record – ongoing

Summer Activities – the first session will be on 27th July. The sessions have been advertised on the website, in the information boards and at the recreation ground.

Recreation Ground Gate – the idea of a type of kissing gate being installed is being looked into to prevent children running into the road. The speed of traffic along this section of Kings Mill Lane seems to have increased. As the land is not owned by the Council this could prove difficult to install.

Dog poo bins at the canal – Canal and Rivers Trust who have been emptying the bins will stop doing so this month. The Parish Council pays SDDC to empty it as well so it will be monitored to see if it is getting over full.

5. Reports;

Chair's report – Cllr Green reported that Mrs Burns, the head teacher at the school, is retiring at the end of the term, it was agreed to send a card from the Parish Council.

Weston Under Fives are unfortunately having to close at the end of term after many years in the village. Mrs Poxon is retiring and no candidate has come forward to take over so the group will have to close. It was agreed to send a card to Mrs Poxon wishing her well in her retirement.

The East Midlands Draft Noise Action Plan for 2024-2028 is being produced. Cllr Green will be looking at this.


Clerks report

Cllr Ferreday from Aston on Trent Parish Council is keeping us up to date and this month a parishioner who is interested in what is happening in the wood contacted me, I have passed Cllr Ferreday's details to her and they have made contact with each other.

An email was received from a parishioner about the length of the grass on the recreation ground and offering to help. The clerk will speak to the contractor about more regular mowing.

The annual Wicksteed inspection of the play equipment on the recreation ground and the Under Eights area has been ordered, The lead time is expected to be 8-10 weeks.

Comments about a trailer which has been parked on the road in Kings Mill Lane for some time have been received. The Clerk has asked the PCSO to look into it.

A parishioner wrote to ask about access to the footpath at the back of Rectory Farm Mews to go down to the canal or across to the church.

Footpath Officer's report – all paths are in reasonable condition but some are wet in places.

6. Planning – none

7. Correspondence

Download – North West Leicestershire District Council has launched an investigation as to whether license conditions were breached at this year's festival with regard to the significant traffic disruption

Safer Neighbourhoods funding is available for projects which fall into specific categories.

Notice of temporary road closure, Swarkestone Road, Weston on Trent at the railway bridge on 4th August 2023 in order to facilitate detailed inspection. Information has been placed in the notice boards and on the website.


8. 106 spending

Joint area with Aston , -the proposal has been refused by SDDC as the monies are specifically targeted for community facilities rather than open space. Other streams of funding will be looked into.

9. Allotments –it was felt that the proposed tenancy agreement is too long so will be looked at again.


Invoices awaiting payment

Invoices awaiting payment

Clerk's wages £295.25

Clerk's expenses £.35.35

Monies received

Second half of precept £8400.00

Overpayment of Clerk's backpay £52.50

Meeting closed at 10.15pm » Less

New Bus Timetable

New Bus Timetable

Posted: Tue, 11 Jul 2023 10:28 by Weston Parish Council

New Improved Bus Timetable for Weston and Aston from the 10th July 2023